How does screenprinting work?


The process is simple - Ink is pushed through a screen, 1 color at a time. First, onto a test sheet, to ensure all colors line up correctly. Then onto the apparel - cotton, polyester, silk, synthetic, dry fit or distressed - We got you covered! Finally, each piece is run through a large dryer, to cure the ink.

At FPM, our expert printers understand the relationships between the various inks, materials and colors. We use M&R Screen Printing Equipment, with Rutland inks with a pantone match system to ensure quality and consistency every run.

From proofs to printing, FPM is custom apparel at its best.




How does embroidery work?


The Process- First and most important is digitizing your design. This computerized process converts your logo (2-dimensional art) into stitches. That file is uploaded into the machine, to atomize the stitching to precision. The specific spools of thread are loaded - 1 spool for each color. Meanwhile, your items garments are "hooped" individually onto frames, to hold and move them during stitching.Lastly, the stabilizing backing is trimmed away.

At FPM, using our Braudan machines, and from design to delivery, we are your embroidery experts!